We’ve surpassed a milestone

At Cap2 Solutiochild's tennis lessonns, we’re celebrating the number 1.5 million. It’s worth a celebration too. We’ve surpassed 1.5 million pupils registered on our CoursePro system.

Our innovative CoursePro software is making quite a splash!! The software has taken the market by storm thanks to it’s industry changing take on Course Management.


It’s a great achievement and we thought it would be remiss of us not to thank our many customers for their continued support. Thank you!!


iStock_000006276902_Large copy.jpg

But we aren’t pulling any party poppers just yet. We want to improve the product even further for you. To help us do that, remember, you can vote for your favourite choice of product idea via your Zendesk account !

If you’d like to find out more about CoursePro, visit our products page. 


If you’d like to tell us how CoursePro is helping the success of your business, get in touch at marketing@cap2.co.uk.