Happy Birthday CoursePro

How many 8 year old’s can say that they’ve enabled more than 3 million people to enroll into sports lessons throughout the world!?


Ok, the comparison between CoursePro and that of an 8 year old child might be a little unfair! But, CoursePro’s 8th birthday is not only a cause to bring out the party poppers and cake. It’s also a milestone where we celebrate the revolution that CoursePro has inspired in the world of sports courses. With 1000s of sports clubs, from Swim Schools and Tennis Clubs, to Nordic Walking activities and Trampolining lessons, our 8 year birthday celebration of CoursePro is a huge achievement for the many people who have worked on and developed the product.


From the small, humble beginnings of the product and its two founders in 2009 in the back-office of a swim school in Taunton, Somerset, the product is now used by well over 40 different sporting industries and activities and has been an important step forward for the sports lesson industry.


Happy birthday CoursePro and all of the brilliant customers who have made it the leading course software!