A helpful update!

Our new CoursePro update, 2.10.8 is now available!

Included in the update is a feature available upon request of the Support Team here at Cap2. It may well be very helpful for you and your business.

The new feature will allow parents to top up using their positive Course Balance via the HomePortal. You will need to contact support in order for this to be turned on. It means that if a pupil has a positive Course Balance, and comes to top up, their bill will automatically take it into account.

An example might be if you run a fixed end date course (i.e. termly):

  • If you cancel a class which a pupil has already paid for; they will have a positive Course Balance.
  • When the parent comes to pay for the next batch of lessons via HomePortal, their total bill will minus the positive balance automatically.
  • This way, they’ll be able to pay the balance that they owe rather than pay the full price (meaning they’d be owed money).

(This example would not apply to Continuous Courses as members are not given a credit when a session is cancelled).
A member may also have a Positive Course Balance if they leave their class mid-term and have not yet attended all the lessons paid for.
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In order to check whether a pupil has a positive balance:

  • Log in to CoursePro
  • Go to the members section on the left hand side
  • Choose a member
  • Then click balances on the right to view balances.

For more information regarding Members balances please do visit the link below:
Or for information regarding course and transaction balances visit:

Currently we also have a similar update for negative Course Balances in development which will be available in the future .

We hope that helps you and your business!